“Black carbon are you big enough to remove your share?”

Black carbon is the second leading cause of global warming. Black carbon comes from the burning of fossil fuels and timber and coal fires.

This Black Carbon Soot (BCS) is the by-product from all fires. It travels into the air and pollutes our atmosphere when it falls to the earth again its reflection causes warming.on ice and snow increases heat radiation second leading cause of global warming.

Black Carbon Soot heats the atmosphere

1. Indoors cooking with wood, dung and crop parts

2. Outdoors BCS is is formed from fossil fuel combustion

  1. diesel and coal
  2. open biomass burning (associated with deforestation
    crop residue burning
  3. cooking with biofuels
  4. BCS and other organics play a to strong role in the absorption of ultraviolet energy
  5. Dust absorbs solar radiation and heats the atmosphere

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Excerpts courtesy of Nature Geoscience, VOL 1, APRIL 2008 http://www.nature.com/naturegeoscience

Excerpts courtesy of Sciencedaily.com releases/2008/03/

Video courtesy of Youtube.com


Taking action individually and politically is vital to decreasing BC soot and decreasing global warning.

Click here to help our congress and senate act now!

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint


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