Wolves target of the killing fields-save them

Opening of the killing fields to begin soon in a western state near you.

Wolf pups could be target in May '09

Wolf pups could be target in May '09

Taken off the endangered list, because the total number of wolves is up, these beautiful animals are losing the gene pool diversity game.

230 scientists signed a petition that went to the Secretary of the Interior Salazar

to try to alert him to the facts:

1. “A severe reduction in current wolf numbers would dramatically increase the threat of extinction for a gray wolf population that is still recovering. If you hand wolf management back to the states, more than 600 wolves could be caught in the crossfire.”1

2. “Breeding pairs of wolves would need to be sustained around the thousand mark rather than around 400 where they are now to make sure genetic defects didn’t show up in wolf populations further down the road.

“Due to wanton hunting that is sure to follow the delisting, the breeding pairs of wolves will never reach that mark.” Residing only in 5% of their former 48 state range, wolves roam free only in and around Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and the remote Selway Bitterroot ecosystem in central Idaho. 2.

In Yellowstone alone the population of wolves severely declined in 2008.

“The Yellowstone Wolf Project reports the 2008 population at 124 wolves, down 27 percent from the 171 wolves recorded in 2007. The greatest decline occurred on the northern range, the area with the greatest wolf population density. The wolf population there dropped 40 percent, from 94 to 56 wolves.”3

Please sign the petition to stop the killing of these grey wolves.


1. Excerpts courtesy of NRDCONLINE.org

2. Excerpts courtesy of Myyellowstonewolves.typepad.com

3. Excerpts courtesy of National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park News Release “Yellowstone Wolf Numbers Decline January 12, 2009.

Image courtesy of Crocker.k12.mo.us


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