Managing wolves to extinction by joker’s rule

Shooting these wolf pups will be legal as of May 4, 2009 unless we act today!

They are crying for your protection.

C. L. Otter, the Republican governor of Idaho, has pledged “to continue our policy of responsibly managing wolves for a viable, sustainable population that can coexist with our ungulate herds, our livestock and our people.” The very first step in “responsibly managing” wolves will be a wolf hunt.

Otter said he’d be the first in line for a wolf hunting license, and he has also said he favors reducing the wolf population in Idaho to 100, way below the current level of more than 800 and well below the number required by the state management plan.

Like Bush this man needs to be voted into extinction.

In the mean time

Please write your congressmen and support NRDC campaign to save the wolves from slaughter.

I want to help NRDC save wolves and their pups before their federal protections are lifted on May 4 , 2009 and the killing begins.

Please put my gift to work to restore federal protections for the wolves.

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Video 1 Little wolf pups crying courtesy of

Video 2. wolf pups playing courtesy of

Save the wolves -thank you.


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