“Go leatherbacks go-the great Race begins”

Eastern leatherback race

Eastern leatherback race

Eleven lucky leatherback turtles are beginning their race across the Pacific from their feeding grounds in Canada to their breeding grounds in the Carribean. Below is the time tested route they will take. These turtles have tracking devices and human coaches!


The Great Turtle Race begins again!
Thursday, April 16th, 2009
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These migration has taken place annually for 100 million years.Leatherbacks are endangered and protected as they travel their ancient pathway back to their breed sites in the sunny beaches of Costa Rica and . These ancient giants of the sea are the largest, deepest-diving, widest-ranging of all turtles, the leatherback has enduredLeatherbacks have the longest migrations between breeding and feeding areas of not just sea turtles, but all marine vertebrates.

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Excerpts and map courtesy of Conservation.orgOpportunities for Conservation “

Image courtesy of News.nationalgeographic.com turtle-swim


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