“Endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle flown from England to USA after healing”

Kemp’s Ridley Turtle readied for flight home.

Kemp's Ridley turtle going home again

Kemp's Ridley turtle going home again

You know your a valuable celebrity when you have healed and your care takers give you a free plane ride across the Atlantic with a loving escort.

That is what happened to a very special endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle this week. This Traveling Turtle named Willy620px-padre_island_national_seashore_-_kemps_ridley_sea_turtle was washed up on the Devon, England shores about two years ago and needed some medical attentions. So some loving caretakers at Weymouth Sea Life Center tube-fed her vitamin-enriched fish soup to nursed her back to health and escorted her home to USA.

Willy will spend a month at a turtle rescue center on Topsail Island, North Carolina, USA before being returned to the wild.

-Lucky for this endangered critter and her gene pool that no one person or animal felt the need for turtle soup.!


Excerpts and Image 1. courtesy of news.bbc.co.uk

Image 2. courtesy of Wikipedia Kemp’s Ridley


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