“Leatherbacks safe for now–there has to be a better way”

Loggerheads -finding a better way

Loggerheads -finding a better way

Why must one group “win” and another group have the breaks seemingly put on there livelihood and millions wasted in court suits?

When will we create win – win for animals, environment and the way fishing people feed their families?

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has ordered a 6 month shut down of the longline fishery industry in the Gulf of Mexico for abusing their fishing privileges and decimating the turtle numbers in the Gulf! from injury and death.

Almost one month ago, environmentalists presented NMFS with its data collected in the Gulf indicating that the fishery was catching loggerhead turtles at more than eight times the number of sea turtles authorized previously in a 2005 biological opinion and the government was failing to act as it is required under the Endangered Species Act.

When NMFS failed to act, we went to Court. Only then did NMFS agree to close down the fishery while it tries to solve the problem.

The Obama administration was organizing its new team at NMFS and its parent agency the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) when this issue went to court. No one knows if Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the new head of NOAA, will become truly proactive for ocean protection.

What we do know is that the power of seafood and fishing industry, all of us that love nature and our oceans and government must find some middle ground to work together for everyone’s benefit and together create a sustainable world-life and sustainable for all living beings on land, sea and air.

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Excerpts courtesy of seaturtles.org
Victory for sea turtles as the government shuts down the longline fishery!– Carole Allen, Gulf Office Director Sea Turtle Restoration Project 4/30/09.

Image courtesy of noaanews.nosa.gov


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