“Live Swordfish and turtles- YES canned NO”

How do you want your swordfish?

Ban their cans and products made from Imported Swordfish

The ghost of swordfish past

The ghost of swordfish past

The U.S. Commerce Department wants foreign fisheries to follow the standards American fisheries must be regulated by to protect marine swordfish and other endangered sea life. The USCD is considering banning the importation of foreign swordfish until foreign fishermen can prove they are protecting whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other marine species.

The U.S. can save tens of thousands of whales, dolphins, seals and other wildlife if they pressure foreign nations to clean up their questionable fisheries and fishing practices by requiring them to simply adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Marine Mammal Protection Act!

The same longlines and drift gill nets that kill and injure sea turtles are also responsible for the deaths of marine mammals.

Help protect our sea life send the following letter today.

Save the swordfish and sea turtles and endangered ocean life.

Nature’s Crusaders providing support for Sea Turtle Restoration Project and all of us that love the land, air and sea.

For more turtle news click.


Improve the fishes and turtles chances of survival please sign before May 23, 2009. http://www.regulations.gov/fdmspublic/component/main?main=SubmitComment&o=090000648091b5c0

Excerpts courtesy of Seaturtles.org

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org


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