Wind-power India’s answer to its energy crisis

wind power helping India's energy economy

wind power helping India's energy economy

Gujarat is a sustainable model for the benefits economically and scoiallly of using windpower. by providing cheap energy . This will hopefully fill in the power shortage fof 11-12% (15-26% peak power shortage).

Wind power helps to meet the energy power shortages in the State. It is also contributing towards the Government of India’s plan of meeting 10% of total power demand in the country from renewable energy sources. It will help reduce its carbon footprint and reduce India’s contribution to global warming.

Renewable energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly.This is a wind energy project comprising 7 Wind Turbine Generators of 1.25MW each, generating a total of 8.75 MW. The wind turbines are saving 0.843 T/CO2 per MWh of electricity generated as it displaces generation by the fossil fuels. The additional capacity helps reduce dependence upon an already overstretched grid without generating any additional greenhouse gases thus reducing global warming.

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Excerpts courtesy of Carbonadvisegroup

Image courtesy of wind-power

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