NY schools going greener

TWO THUMBS UP AWARD! -New York Schools

We may be getting some setbacks for endangered species which makes me very sad, but for the better news-NY schools are getting greener. We hope to hear from many schools to hear their good news.

The NY schools have received the Golden Apple presented by the Department of Sanitation to schools that have successful recycling, waste prevention, and neighborhood beautification programs. Under the DOE light bulb recycling program, all heavy metals, associated with fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, and low pressure sodium type bulbs are properly recycled out of our waste stream. In addition, the School Construction Authority released a NYC Green Schools Guide that calls for schools designed after January 2007 be built with green standards that will result in the new building’s gaining LEED Certification or the equivalent, and a minimum 20% reduction in energy cost. Just last month, it won a national award from the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, an independent, nonprofit organization that supports buildings that are friendly to the environment.

New York Schools get the TWO THUMBS UP AWARD!

Thanks from Mother Nature.


Excerpts courtesy of John Shea Going Green in New York City’s Public Schools


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