Chicken frogs saved by helicopter

Rescuing people by helicopter or plane from the air has become more common these days-dangerous no-less. Rescuing animals is also fraught with perils, however the dedication is the same. This week it was the rare Mountain Chicken frog of Monserrat that was rescued before a fungus took down any more.

Rare Mountain Chicken frog

Rare Mountain Chicken frog

In San Juan, Puerto Rico scientists in conjunction with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, began airlifting dozens

of chicken frogs, It is one of the world’s largest frogs off

of Montserrat island to save them from a deadly fungus

devastating their dwindling habitat. The dense forest of this tiny British Caribbean territory is the last remaining stronghold of the critically endangered mountain
chicken frog, a 2-pound or about 0.9 kg.

Dramatic animal rescues are not unique to our times.

Operation croc rescue

Operation croc rescue

Seems that in 1970 amid conservationist Dr. Ian Player’s story of his 60 year long struggle to save St. Lucia Lake in South Africa. In 1970, the lake had become so salty it was killing the crocodiles. Dr. Player and his colleagues found themselves wrestling 1,000 Lb crocodiles and airlifting the animals by helicopter to a safer home.

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Image 1. courtesy of

Excerpts courtesy of

Excerpts and image courtesy of

50 Large Crocodiles Airlifted in 1970 Helicopter Animal Rescue” – Gavin Hudson


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