“Sea Turtles Volunteers needed”

2009 Turtle Conservation Project needs Volunteers.

Marine Turtle Conservation Project,

El Rey Beach and Sevegre Beach,

Central Pacific Coast, Costa Rica for the 2009-2010 Season

Kemps-Ridley sea turtle hatchlings

Kemps-Ridley sea turtle hatchlings

Eco Preservation Society is looking for Volunteers for our 2009 Turtle Conservation Project. The beaches of Barú, Matapalo, Palma, Esterillos, Savegre and El Rey are important turtle nesting beaches. You could be an important link in helping save the endangered turtles. Conservation and research activities, assisting with the restoration and protecting turtles are some of the projects you could be involved in.

Conservation efforts this year will focus on protecting nests from human egg poachers and animal predators. Maintaining a constant human presence on the beach will on its own significantly reduce human poachers, and the construction of a protected egg hatchery will reduce animal depredation. Natural phenomena such as river flooding can also be a serious threat to nests, so the hatchery will also be used to relocate nests facing this danger. In addition to conservation efforts a long term research project is planned to characterize the nesting population and the effects of conservation efforts.

Click Here For More information about the Marine Turtle Project at Playa el Rey, Costa Rica,

For more turtle news click.


Excerpts courtesy of unhub.com/EcoInteractive/1644

Image courtesy of nationalgeographic.com//kemps-ridley-sea-turtle


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