“Sea turtles to longliners-drowning not an option”

Last Sunday night the Long Journey of the loggerhead sea turtle to its nesting beach was shown on PBS. It was so beautiful. Thanks to all people who helped create this wonderful nature documentary. In 2007 1,000 sea turtles washed up dead on the beach where they would have mated.

It is time to save the turtles.

Do not let this happen to our loggerheads, Kemp Ridley and other sea turtles.

Sea turtles dead on India's beach '07

Sea turtles dead on India's beach '07

Critically endangered loggerheads, Kemp’s Ridleys and other marine species are gathering now off the coast of Florida and the Carolinas. They ar at risk!

You can help protect them.

There are some of the options for the turtles and the longliners:

1. Longliners need to fish elsewhere during turtle breeding and hatching seasons

2. Longliners could fish else where or not fish during these seasons.
3. If it is possible to rig video sensor devices besides the TED to the lines so the catch could be closely monitored and the lines drawn up more frequently to ensure the bi-catch is released unharmed.
4. Endangered sea turtles other marine life and the longliners livelihoods need to be protected long-term.

Act today -Keep them swimming free.

Loggerhead swimming free

Loggerhead swimming free

MAKE A DIFFERENCE send a letter even though you may have previously signed the petition! We thank you for that petition it has given the loggerhead a six months safety net.

Tell NMFS commission with your letter that the Florida longline fishery must stay closed to protect sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico until sea turtle protection is certain.

For more turtle news click.


Excerpts courtesy of SeaTurtleRestoration.org

Excerpts and Image 1. courtesy of Nationalgeographic.com

Image 2. courtesy of Columbiaskiclub.org


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