“Mining Exploration allowed in Grand Canyon-outrageous!”

The majestic Grand Canyon

The majestic Grand Canyon

An environmentally concerned and proactive person would think this was unbelievable. The US is still functioning under antiquated mining laws established in 1872.

It is legal and sanctioned by the government for any foreign company to go anywhere in USA to look for and explore mining possibilities. If Quanterra Mining or any other foreign mining company decides to mine, the US has no control over the company or companies or gets any profit from them and they can do it for free. What a gift!-for them.

update Quanterra has been granted a permit to explore in the Grand Canyon. 5/19/2009

Click this link to be informed

Since 2003, the number of mining claims within five miles of Grand Canyon National Park has increased from 10 to more then 1,100. Wastes from mining activities could leech into the Colorado River and contaminate the drinking water for all the states and Mexico that use it. for drinking and farming.

Listen and act

This could be happening in all under protected lands across the US


Excerpts courtesy of EWG.org

Image courtesy of aegweb.org GrandCanyon


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