“Elephant abuse at Ringling Brothers Circus”

The “Greatest Show on Earth “ not true. Ringling’s elephants have foot and joint problems from being chained and forced to stand on hard surfaces all day. They may spend up to 100 hours chained daily.

Captive elephants can be healthy

Captive elephants can be healthy

Ringling’s practice of bullhook use and near constant chaining of elephants is pervasive, routine and a violation of the Endangered Species Acr ( ESA). ; video footage showed employees hitting elephants with bullhooks; correspondence and government enforcement records discussed animal welfare concerns; and Ringling’s own medical records described the poor health conditions like foot-related problems—lameness, nail cracks and toe abscesses—and many have arthritis as a result of being restrained by chains and standing on hard surfaces for most of their lives.

Even 14 of 16 baby elephants are suffering the same fate as their parents. They also have joint and foot problems similar to their parents again the result of being restrained by chains on hard surfaces for excessive period of time daily.

Ringling Brothers has spent the last six weeks in court defending itself.

Must this be the price the elephants pay for our entertainment?

Boycott this circus.


Excerpts courtesy of Emagazine.com The Saddest Animals in the Circus – Federal Trial Exposes Ringling Bros.’ Systematic Mistreatment of Elephants

– Nicole G. Paquette, Esq.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.org wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/Asianelephant-melbournezoo


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