“Baby cheetahs are dying – Why?”

Cub mortality is high in captivity.

30 % of all cubs born in captivity die within 1 month of birth.

In the wild take Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park

90 % die before reaching 3 months of age.

Cheetah cubs perilous life

Cheetah cubs perilous life

Life is perilous for the young cheetah.

It is normal for cubs to be left alone in the lair for hours at a time. Mothers spend an average of 9 1/2 hours away from the cubs on days when they hunt.

Great care is needed to protect the helpless cubs in the lair from lions and hyenas. Lions are known to locate lairs by observing cheetah mothers sit up in the marsh or bush where the cubs are hidden or by seeing the mother entering or leaving the lair.

Mother’s milk and later her kills nourish the young.

Cubs grow at a rate of about 1 -1/2 oz per day (44 g/day in males and 41 g/day in females). The growth rate depends on the mother’s nutrition, and growth of cubs drops off if maternal food intake decreases below 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) per day.
Surviving cubs emerge from the lair at about 8 weeks of age.

How do they try to protect themselves?

When the cheetah cubs venture out of the lair, about 53% of cubs are killed in the first month to six weeks after they begin exploring their world outside the lair..

While these young cubs are still extremely vulnerable, some are able to survive an attack by a predator by scattering and hiding then later rejoining their mother and other cubs.

By the time they are 4 months old , the cubs are usually fast enough to outrun their predators.

Now before you feel totally frustrated that the cards are stacked against cheetah survival…

Remember nature has helped this species continues to adapt and hunt the plains of Africa as it has for many thousands of years. NC’s goal is to work with groups like Cheetah.org to find ways to protect the cheetahs and help them help themselves.

You can help today!

Help save the cheetahs at Cheetah.org

For more information from Nature’s Crusaders’ library on cheetahs click.

Save the Cheetah plan to WALK/RUN for the CHEETA 2010

Help the cheetahs today Cheetah.org. Thank you.

Run to save the cheetah.

Race for the cheetah so they can continue to run in the wild




VideoCute baby cheetah cubs in danger “BBC wildlife and Youtube,com

Excerpts courtesy of Markearson.com -Mark Emerson photo journalist


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