“Macaroni penguin not edible even with cheese on top”

Looking like a regal penguin with orange “noodles” on its head, the Macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus), is one of the latrgest flightless birds. An adult weighs on average 5.5 –6 kg (11-12 lb) in weight and is 62.5-70 cm (25-28 in) in length 25 inches or 55 cm tall.

Macaroni penguins one of largest penguins

Macaroni penguins one of largest penguins

The Macaroni penguin‘s diet consists of a variety of crustaceans, mainly krill, as well as small fish and cephalopods; the species consumes more marine life annually than any other species of seabird.

Where do they disappear to when they take to the ocean after breeding on land?

Scientists from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) attached monitoring devices to a dozen male and female macaroni penguins at the onset of winter on the French Indian Ocean territory of the Kerguelen Islands. After six months the penguins returned to Kerguelen to breed and researchers caught the 12 penguins they had banded the previous year. They recovered the devices and
downloaded the data, and they also took blood samples to get a chemical signature of what the birds had been eating. The data showed that the Macaroni penguins swam eastward into the southern Indian Ocean, where they scattered in many directions but remained in a long, geographical band between 47 and 49 degrees latitude south. Swimming rapidly they stuffed themselves on crustaceans during their time at sea. Twenty percent of the time was spent farther south, closer to the fringes of the Southern Ocean. These birds traveled between 10,430 kilometres (8,930 miles) to 2,400 kms (1,500 miles) from Kerguelen and quickly sped up their travel on the return trip.


Excerpts courtesy of Wikipedia.org/Macaroni_Penguin

Excerpts courtesy of Yahoonews and AFP

The secret life of penguins revealed

Excerpts courtesy of Antarcticconnection.com

Image courtesy of wikipedia.org/Macaroni_Penguin


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