“Robo Scientist makes scientific breakthrough”

Watch out researchers new robotic scientist found to be

quicker and cheaper for detailed sequencing work.

Robotic scientist

Robotic scientist

Meet Adam is, a prototypic robot, who holds great promise for making the details of tedious scientific research much speedier without losing accuracy. Adam makes the search for new drugs to combat diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis, also

known as snail fever, an infection caused by a type of parasitic worm in the tropics. and the sequencing of all those “zillions” of biochemical cell processes quicker and less costly (?-editor) than having a mere team of humans do the decoding of the genes.

For his claim to fame, using artificial intelligence Adam hypothesized that certain genes in baker’s yeast code for specific enzymes which catalyse (speeds up ) biochemical reactions in yeast. The robot then devised experiments to test these predictions, ran the experiments using laboratory robotics, interpreted the results and repeated the cycle.

Adam, is a computer system that fully automates the scientific process. It was created by scientists funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).  It is thought to be the first robotic machine to have independently discovered new scientific knowledge.


Excerpts courtesy of SpaceDaily.com London UK (SPX) May 07, 2009

Robot Scientist Becomes First Machine To Discover New Scientific Knowledg

Image courtesy of SpaceDAily.com


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