“Poaching of endangered animals in US on the rise”

Saving endangered animals and plants is a top priority for a growing cadre of caring people in the US and around the world. Under our noses thieves continue to steal our National Parks and bi-ways blind. The Fish and Game Departments in every state are understaffed and ill-equipped to be everywhere day and night to protect all of the endangered animals, plants and monuments that need attention and protection.

elk poaching

elk poaching

endangered turtle eggs poached

endangered turtle eggs poached

poaching cactus of many tyypes

poaching cactus of many types

Poaching is a growing business and unfortunately there are plenty of buyers.

Here are a few of thousands of examples:

1. endangered butterfly snatchers
2. illegal or legal hunting or ensnaring or enclosing of the endangered polar bear and wolf
3. collecting rare plants in or out of the National Preserves,
4. buying circus animals after their abusive days in the circus are over
5. catching, trapping endangered frogs, reptiles and invertebrates
6. stealing rare saguaros and other cacti from the desert
7. lifting endangered eggs of birds and sea turtles for private us…
The list goes on and on.

Why? money of course.

Nature’s Crusaders is asking everyone who suspects that someone or some group are collecting, trading or arranging for the trade of animals and plants illegally to contact your local US Fish and Game Department in your state and the Humane Society of America or call the local zoo and police department to be referred to the correct authority. Care enough to save our endangered wildlife both plant and animal and our National Monuments from poachers and those that would ruin or kill our national heritage.

Some good news anti poaching laws strengthening the legal grip

The Pennsylvania Game & Fish Committee Passes Bill to Crack Down on Poachers June 2, 2009 . HSUS Urges Pa. House to Quickly Pass House Bill 97(HR97. The Humane Society of the United States today praised PA Senate Chairman Edward Staback, D-Lackawanna and Wayne, and the members of the Pennsylvania House Game and Fisheries committee for passing H.B. 97 – a bill to increase penalties for wildlife poaching, and urged the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to pass this important legislation. Poachers exploit animals for their own personal gain or thrill knowing they will most likely not be caught. With each enforcement officer covering hundreds of square miles, the most effective tool in stopping poaching must include adequate deterrents. Put simply, the cost of being caught must outweigh the risk and profit of poaching. “Law enforcement, animal advocates and rank-and-file hunters agree that wildlife criminals deserve penalties that fit the crime,” said Sarah Speed, Pennsylvania state director of The HSUS. “This legislation is long overdue.” Poaching: * Poaching is a broad term that includes wildlife abuses such as illegally killing wildlife, using illegal weapons, or leading others to kill animals illegally as an unlicensed guide.

* Every year, thousands of poachers are arrested nationwide; however, For more information on poaching,


Excerpts courtesy of hsus.org/penngamefishcommitteepassespoachingbil

Excerpts courtesy of animalworldnetwork.com/bilpoacdat1

Image 1. courtesy of outdoorcentral.com

Image 2. humanflowerproject.com and T. Beth O’Reilly/barrel-cactus

Image 3. myfwc.com/News09 S_Poach


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