“Endangered hawksbill sea turtle catches a break-2thumbs” up!”

The Dominican Republic has agreed to protect the critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle from being being sold as tourist souvenirs A powerful government campaign cracked down on shops illegally trading such items. More than 99 percent of these souvenirs have been withdrawn or confiscated the wildlife trade monitoring network said.

Saving endangered Hawksbill turtles

Saving endangered Hawksbill turtles

In 2006 TRAFFIC survey a monitoring agency found more than 23,000 items made from hawksbill turtles for sale. A February ’09 revisit of the same locations revealed a dramatic reduction with only 135 shell items.

Success is based on ligitimate alerternative income

In November 2008. The Dominican Republic began encouraging the trade of alternative products such as cow horn or bone to present an alternative to shops trading with these turtles. Success through cooperation, education and action-thanks from Mother Nature and Nature’s Crusaders


Excerpts courtesy of panda.org/wwf_news/

Image courtesy of marinediscovery.arizona.edu and Sandra Edwards/hawksbill


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