“Endangered habitats salvation in economics”

Soon the endangered tropical forest war between palm plantation expansion verses destruction of our tropical rain forests may tip in favor of rainforests for the first time. Farmers will choose to preserve the rainforest and get paid for doing it or pay for the carbon payments made to reduce carbon emissions from forests.

Under this new conservation plan

1. Countries could be given direct financial assistance for reducing their emissions from forests or allowing them to gain credits for an amount of allowable carbon dioxide emissions which are passed onto businesses.


2. These credits could be sold on an international carbon market to companies that have exceeded their allotted carbon cap.

Selling credits for the billions of tons of carbon that are locked in Indonesia’s tropical rain forests could become as profitable or more so to protect the biodiversity of the natural environment than converting these areas into palm oil plantations.

Do not let the destruction continue. Stop buying palm oil products including biofuel.Save the lungs of our world. Save the rainforests!


Excerpts courtesy of News.Yahoo.com and AP Study finds potential profits in conservation

– MICHAEL CASEY, AP Environmental Writer Jun 5, 2009

news.yahoo.com/ap sc/as_palm_oil_versus_conservation

Video 1. courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKrQGC7uVNo


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