“Endangered Kenyan ‘Pirate Whisperer’ a savior of seas

Endangered Kenyan “Pirate Whisperer”

a model for saving the earth one person at a time

Some roles in life are made for the movies. The passion and drama of one man who is singlehandedly trying to rid the world of the Somalian pirates has done what whole countries cold not do. The man Andrew Mwangura, a former seaman, director of the Mombasa, Kenya-based East African Seafarers’ Assistance Program is often on the run from local authorities and criminals really upset with him (to put it mildly) for exposing the international links of a wave of hijackings afflicting the busy international shipping routes off Somalia.

Kenya's Pirate Whisperer

Kenya's Pirate Whisperer

He is an endangered species

Alone he quietly has unrivalled contacts with maritime groups, ships, ports and even pirates around east Africa. Mwangura breaks news time and time again on seizures and releases of ships by Somali pirates, revealing details of ransom payments in what has become a multimillion dollar business.

He is a hero to seamen, but a pain for the pirates’ financiers, said to be sitting in Nairobi, Dubai and London, managing the business by calls to the gangs’ satellite phones. There are strong suspicions that officials in the region could be involved, and Mwangura has not been shy of saying that.

Thanks for the model and high standards you set for all of us.


Excerpts courtesy of Reuters.com Hollywood to portray Kenya’s “Pirate Whisperer” -Alison Bevege Alison Bevege June 6, 2009.news.yahoo.com/film_nm/us_pirate

Image courtesy of sfbayview.com/SayyidAzim/somali-piracyduetowatersdepleted-byillegalfishingtoxicdumping


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