“Exxon destroyer of ocean next is polar habitat”

Looking in my environmental crystal ball. I am guessing but maybe environmental groups will be headed back to court. Remember the Exxon-Valdez? Here is a picture to help you remember.

Exxon's oil coated this dead whale

Exxon's oil coated this dead whale

Exxon is now a partner for the new Alaskan pipeline project

The announcement of the next potential threat to the Alaskan wilderness and the polar bear was made official by Exxon Mobil and TransCanada. These two companies will help build a massive pipeline capable of bringing natural gas from Alaska to the lower 48 states.

Exxon, an equity partner in TransCanada Alaska Company has not agreed to state licensing terms, but Exxon controls more known reserves in Alaska’s North Slope than any other company. The North Slope holds an estimated 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas proven reserves. Exxon holds the rights to slightly more than a third of the North Slope’s reserves.

Two other petroleum giants with substantial North Slope holdings, Conoco Phillips and BP PLC, have been developing a competing pipeline project. The collaboration is called Denali-The Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC.

Even though these companies have not submit a state license application they were the first to be granted pre-filing status by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Senators from Alaska are raving about the new deals. Nothing new about these deals seems like the same good ol’ boys from the Bush era making a living on the backs of the polar bear and the destruction of the environment.


Excerpts courtesy of news.yahoo.com/aponreus/usexxonalaskapipeline
Image courtesy of eco-beat.com/wp-content/valdez2


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