“Wanted endangered loggerhead turtle nappers”

Wanted help finding the  poachers who stole the endangered loggerhead turtle eggs

Between June 6 -13, 2009  about  400 endangered loggerhead turtle eggs were taken by poachers at night

from: Sarasota County beaches in Venice and Casey Key. Why after the first nest was robbed guards were not posted escapes me. The latest nests were destroyed June 12, 2009 and the empty empty nest cavitieswere discovered by Mote Marine Laboratory’s Sea Turtle Patrol volunteers.

Loggerhead turtle eggs

Loggerhead turtle eggs

If anyone has information as to the whereabouts of these eggs humanity would appreciated a call to the Sarasota County police department and the Mote Marine Laboratories Sarasota, Florida.


Excerpts courtesy of mysuncoast.com/Global/story

Image courtesy of a.abcnews.com/images/loggerhead5


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