“Camel burger or camel stew anyone?”

In western Australia camel are too abundant.   Seems as many imported  animals without natural predators a few well cultivated varieties now have gotten out of hand. Early in the century camels were needed for mining in the outback, but now they are eating the outback clean.

Desert camels of Australia pests

Desert camels of Australia pests

One new way to control their destruction and numbers

Australians are being urged to eat a camel to save the country’s desert resources that are even scarcer because of continuing drought conditions. This would cut down on the more than 1 million feral camels roaming Australia’s central desert regions eating vegetation at watering holes and contaminating the water.

The feral camel population is  destroying the indigenous plants and habitat that the aborigines depend for their livelihood.


Excerpts courtesy of Seeddaily.com/Eat_a_camel_save_Australia

Image courtesy Outback-australia-travel-secrets.com/australian-desert-animals


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