“Whale meat auction- another abuse of nature”

What part of endangered or ecosystems in peril do people refuse to understand? Poaching endangered turtle eggs -now slaughtering and selling whale meat? Whale meat trade between the whale-hunting nations is escalating again! This Green Peace spokesperson (pictured below) is announcing that a ring of whale meat smugglers has been uncovered.

Killing and selling whale meat and its bi-products is a very sore point between pro- and anti-whaling groups at the opening of the five-day annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission today June 22, 2009.
Japan, Norway, Iceland – the countries that still believe they are living in the 1800s when whales were abundant. These nations want to lift the ban on the trade. Under the terms of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) this is not allowed.

Despite the 1986 international moratorium on whale-hunting, Norway and Iceland have resumed whaling, and Japan harvests 100s of whales a year for “scientific purposes”. Japan even began importing whale meat in 2008 from Norway and Iceland after a 10 year hiatus.

If you have reservations about an international ruling-you can just ignore it!

As well as their reservations over the 1986 whaling moratorium, Japan, Iceland and Norway have also questioned the need for having whales on the CITES list of endangered species. When you question a rule somehow that leaves them free to kill. There is something wrong in this thinking process, but it leaves them free to trade among themselves in whale meat.

So just like kids if you give them a little room then they will push the rules to the max.

This year, the Nordic nations want to increase that amount. One Norwegian firm, Lofothval, has obtained export licenses for 47 tons of whale meat.

Iceland plans on exporting half its quota of 100 small Minke whales or 150 Fin whales, they cannot sell them at home.

Japan, which says whaling is part of its culture, kills more than 1,000 whales a year through a loophole in the treaty that allows the ocean giants to be killed for “research” although the meat still ends up on dinner tables.

Environmental groups seeking to end commercial and scientific research whaling also raised health concerns claiming whale meat is loaded with contaminants from PCBS to dioxin, according to a report by anti-whaling activists Blue Voice.

“Most dolphin, sperm whales and porpoises swimming in our oceans today are swimming toxic dumpsites, their meat and blubber so highly contaminated that it exceeds levels considered safe for human consumption,” said biologist Roger Payne, founder of Ocean Alliance.

Fortunately, even the Japanese eat less and less whale meat and their warehouses are all ready full of products that the local hunters can’t get rid of, so maybe their partners in “crime” will self destruct in their blind greed at the expense of its own people.


courtesy of News.com.au/dailytelegraph/story

Excerpts courtesy of   Terradaily.com/Whaling_commission_faced_with_quotas_schism

Image 1. News.com.au/dailytelegraph/story


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