“White lion reintroduction to the wild-volunteers needed”

Tsau! White Lion Conservation Project

An opportunity to work with the ‘world-first’ reintroduction of White Lions back to the wild in their endemic area – the Greater Timbavati region, in South Africa. Volunteers are trained as active members of the scientific monitoring and research team. Participants have a rare opportunity to gain hands-on game-ranging experience whilst making a valuable contribution to the long-term conservation of the white lions.

white lions of South Africa

white lions of South Africa

Tsau!* Global White Lion Protection Trust The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) is a South African based non-profit conservation and community development organisation, established in 2002 by author and conservationist, Linda Tucker. The White Lion Trust’s conservation ethos integrates science, culture, education and enterprise development to protect the rare endangered White Lion and to help alleviate poverty in surrounding rural communities. This integrated approach is the only way to realise wildlife conservation objectives whilst creating long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability for South Africa’s vast rural poverty nodes

Take action for nature and conservation.-Volunteer today.


Excerpts courtesy of http://www.workingabroad.com/page/172/tsau-white-lion-project.htm

Image courtesy of   http://www.asiact.org/archive/events/img/white_lions.jpg


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