“The silencing of the wolves”

The rich and powerful, but no friend of the wolves Safari Club International (45 milliom hunting families worldwide) announced that they will bring their vast resources to court to keep wolves unprotected and vulnerable to planned hunts in the Northern Rockies. They will invite hunters from around the world to come join the hunt ( slaughter) wolves and their pups of 5 months or older.

silencing of the wolves

silencing of the wolves

Freedom to hunt or Freedom to live and let live

It does not matter whether the image of the hunt is 100 years old or currant it is needless waste of wildlife and the top predator in its range Extinction is the end results and man’s careless abuse of nature continues.

The legal battle against Safari Club International will take lots of money, this is just one more group trying to unbalance the planet by killing off the key species that are pivotal to the survival of our entire way of life. Keeping the wolves alive and out of harms way, it requires more than legal expertise and funds. It takes many hard-working staff’ to educate the public in non-lethal deterrents to keep wolves away from livestock, and out of harm’s way; raising public awareness about the gray wolf’s important role in restoring the balance of nature; and ensuring a lasting future for these magnificent animals. wolf communication

Please donate now to support of Defender’s work to save the lives of these wolves and other imperiled wildlife.

Please help today!


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Image courtesy of Defenders.org http://action.defenders.org/images/content/pagebuilder/26615.jpg

Image 2. from the files of naturescrusaders.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/endangered-species-we-win-round-1/realwolvespic62


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