“Polar bears leaping from berg to..? as polar ice melts”

These beautiful icons of the polar regions are trying to hunt seals their main stable food . Finding a good launching platform  from solid flows is becoming increasingly more difficult these days. Their ability to find high caloric meals from the sea is critical to weight maintance and survival. Thus many bears weigh a lot less than even ten years ago -some are starving. Global Warming is melting the food right off their plate.

Leaping for food

Leaping for food

Polar bear numbers should be assessed every five years instead of once every ten, because of the increasing speed of climate change.  Monitoring the changes and health of these giants of the north is difficult and expensive. Bears are spread across a range of 17 million square kilometers, an area about the size of Russia, in which a couple of badly timed storms can wipe out an entire field research season. Getting population statics is costly, time consuming and very challenging to get.

Steve Born of COSEWIC emphasizes that there are still seven populations of bears little known to  scientists. The 2008 COSEWIC report does not quantitatively evaluate the threat of global warming, but predicts the effects the changes in sea ice will have on polar bear subpopulations.

Please do your part to conserve energy and slow global warming.


Excerpts courtesy of .google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5gRV3lK5mn8_IxZxQniDUKFrJ5qWw

Image courtesy of firstpeople.us/pictures/bear/wsWILD502-975×768


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