“Cheetah’s birthday come and bring your friends”

Happy – Health – 14th Birthday and a long long life to you Chewbaaka

Cheetahs are running to survive in Africa and the Cheetah Conservation Fund for the past 30 years has been working day and night to help save these beautiful endangered cats. Look at the quality of their work when Cheetah.org can take orphaned cubs like Chewbaaka ( baby picture at the right) and raise them to become the magnificent animals like the one below.

Orphaned baby  Chewbaaka

Orphaned baby Chewbaaka

After fourteen years of special care by
Cheetah.org, look at the healthy contented animal below.

For a cheetah living fourteen years is rare a milestoneindeed.

Chewbaaka has seen amazing changes,
not only in his immediate surroundings, but also in the cheetah’s fight for survival. Read about some of the changes Chewbaaka has seen.

Cheetah.org remains in the forefront of ensuring that cheetahs remain wild and free, but we still have a long way to go before the survival of the cheetah is guaranteed.

Please give Chewbaaka a wonderful birthday present -your funds will be matched so your generous gift just doubled.

Through August 31, every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, in honor of CCF’s cheetah ambassador, Chewbaaka, who turns 14 in July.

Your gift of of any amount will be gratefully received. Thank you.

If you listen closely you will hear Chewbaaka purring a very contented thank you too.

Click here to give your generous gift for Cheetah.org.


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