“For the love of the endangered big animals-lions, tigers..”

Living in a tiny cage for its life no more use to its owners

these exotic animals barely cling to live.

Why are beautiful wild animals kept in dung filled cages sometimes barely fed by the thousands in countries like the USA? Money of course. Captive breeding programs by individuals in their homes produce young cubs for sale to circuses or private individuals who have dreamed of owning a big cat all their own without regard for the needs of a healthy adult animal. These cats so produced by artificial insemination can never be integrated back into wild populations, because they lack the health, genetic makeup and skills to survive. They are cute cubs to look at, but weak with no social or hunting skills survive.

How can thousands of animals go under the radar of animal rescue and the federal wildlife rescue agencies? There is no paperwork trail so individuals fantasizing they are either a zoo keeper or helping safe these huge cats and other creatures both underestimate the amount of care and feeding required to house even one of these majestic beast much less dozens of them.
The animals in this video are all rescued by Big Cat Rescue and nurtured back to physical health, but there cries go unheeded for freedom. They will never be free.

Many states have rescued cats recovered from private homes and sanctuaries for abuse and neglect. Please donate to bigcatrescue.org
Excerpts and Video courtesy of bigcatrescue.org

Another outrageous video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsHi0bfPqLQ


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