“How many saltwater crocs are expendable for cash?”

On the table in Northern Australia is a five year proposal not a saltwater crocodile management program. The Government says it wants to allow the hunting of 25 animals over the next five years to give the indigenous people a way to make money??? Something is wrong with this picture -who will really profit I ask?

Long enough to shoot?

Long enough to shoot?

All crocodiles taken would be a minimum size of 3.5 meters or 11.5 feet and hunters would use center-fire rifles of not less than .30 caliber. A telescopic sight must be fitted and the shot, which must be to the head, must be taken at a distance of no more than 50m from the animal.

The animal could not be shot while it was in the water and “the entire body of a crocodile must be above the watermark before a shot is discharged”.

Further, a guide must back up the safari hunter “with arms to shoulder” to finish off the crocodile in the event the hunter only wounds it.

“Environment” Minister Alison Anderson said the plan was not intended as a measure to control crocodile numbers, but to foster indigenous employment and enterprise. Let us encourage indigenous people everywhere to wipe out wildlife for MONEY!! Such great modeling behavior.

Animal welfare groups have condemned the plan, but Aborigines, professional hunting groups and pastoralists strongly support it, although they consider the quota of 25 animals over five years much too low to generate any genuine business for anyone.


Excerpts courtesy of http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,,25340280-30417,00.html

Image courtesy of http://www.adventure-tours-australia.com/gulf-top-end/images/crocodile-saltwater.jpg


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