“Star-Nosed Mole Smells its food through bubbles blown in the watery mud”

The Star-Nosed mole may not look pretty if you held it in your hand, but under water it is a critter iof beauty and skill.

It blows bubbles then quickly inhales them to detect the odors around him. This helps him detect good food. We sniff and whiff wafting odors to get our taste budding moving and digestion underway.

The star shaped sensory organ on this mole has more than 25000 minute sensory receptors. It can detect and eat its prey faster than any other predator on earth.


If the twenty two fleshy pink tentacles that form the “star” on the nose of this mole, and it remains an odd-looking creature, its tail swells three to four times its normal size in the winter to help it survive the cold winters in the colder areas of North America and Canada.

The mole is covered in dense, blackish brown, water-repellent fur (ideal for its life in moist, mucky soil), has broad, scaly feet with large claws for fast digging, a stout cylindrical body.


Excerpts courtesy of pbs.org/wnet/nature/animal-guides/animal-guide-star-nosed-mole/466

Image NaturesCrusaders.com


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