“Dog Beach coastal dunes thrive because people care”

A small stretch of critical wildlife coastal dune, marsh and intertidal zone in Ocean Beach California is thriving with the help of people who care to help. Volunteers will be working Saturday to maintain a stretch of coastal dunes at the mouth of the San Diego River.called Dog Beach. It is one of the last remaining habitats of its kind in California.

dog beach floraDog Beach is home to native plants including coastal sage scrub, bladder pod, California sunflower, salvia, beach ambrosia, beach primrose, datura and sea lavender.

The San Diego River Park Foundation (SDRPF) and its volunteers work with the city of San Diego to maintain the health of the coastal dunes and intertidal zone. This area is a small version of what the Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach coastal area loked like before the river channel was created and homes were built.

saving the Least tern

saving the Least tern

This stretch of coastal dune, marsh and intertidal zone provides habitat for rare animals, including a nesting site for the endangered Least Tern. Volunteers will spend three hours at the site removing trash and non-native plants. “We’ve just discovered an invasion or an infestation of a non-native sea lavender,” Dhu says. “So I think tomorrow down in the inter-tidal zone we’re going to go ahead and remove as much of that as we can before it spreads and then out-competes the beneficial native plants that we have here.” Dhu says volunteers will also learn why their work is critical to maintain the habitat. (1.)

The San Diego River Park Foundation will provide tools, gloves, drinks and snacks. Thanks helping Mother Nature. SDRPF’s overall vision to create a system of connected parks along the 52 miles of the San Diego River from the ocean to the mountains near Julian. “It’s about connecting people to the river and taking care to preserve theis unique habitat for flora, fauna and the generations to come.

You too can help in your own area. Ask a parent, techer or park service people how you can help make the area better. We will thank you ahead of time.

Just send us your stories of how you and your family and friends are helping make the world a better place.


Excerpts and Image courtesy of Anthony Gentile and sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-07-23/news/environment/volunteers-urged-to-help-save-rare-coastal-habitat Excerpts courtesy of kpbs.org/news/2009/jul/24/rare-habitat-ocean-beach-thrives-volunteers

Image 2. courtesy of pbcgov.com/waterutilities/wakodahatchee/images/least_tern1.jpg

Image 2.


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