“Solar recycling being part of the solution”

Cannae Group is seeking strategic investments and partnerships with solar panel recyclers over the next 12 months due to unprecedented increases in the photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing sector. (Very good news)

The PV sector is working to create truly sustainable energy solutions that take into consideration the environmental impacts of all stages of the product life cycle, from raw material sourcing through end-of-life collection and recycling.

Addressing future recycling needs now, through strategic investments, truly sustainable energy solutions can be offered today to help prevent environmental problems in the future.

Recycle solar paying it forward

RecyclingRecycling solat equipment solar paying it forward

“It’s an excellent time to do this considering that solar is an emerging industry,” said David McGovern, executive director of Cannae Group.

Environmental advantage “If you have panels that not only contribute to sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and  use renewable and sustainable materials.”

“We want to be part of the solution,” said Nikita Sutton, Cannae Group analyst. “We have a great opportunity through our investments to continue to improve the environmental processes of the industry.”

McGovern summed up by saying, “People have become far more conscious about recycling, so the new corporate mandate is to think beyond just getting a product into a customer’s hands. It is now about how do we do our part so that years down the road our products are not part of the problem.”

Excerpts courtesy of Solardaily.com/Cannae_Group_Seeks_Out_Partnerships_With_Solar_Panel_Recyclers

Image courtesy of Environment-green.com/images/solar_power_flower


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