“Endangered Dancing Bears suffer for what?”

Once upon a time in India there was a Dancing Bear.

This bear was taken from its mother at night while they were foraging for food, when it was only a little cub. It saw its mother killed then began the little cubs life of horror and humiliation.

Within the first days of captivity it had its nose pieced with a hot nail and a hook inserted with a robe attached. This began the bear’s life of living on a four foot robe for the rest of its captive life, but this story has a happier ending.

The dancing bears of India

The dancing bears of India

Why so confined?
So it could be taught to dance for our entertainment and thus make a meager living for its owner.

You can help stop this cruelity.

Listen to this video narrated by Jane Goodal “The Dancing Bears of India”

Who is helping rehab the owner and how?

A small child has helped. Nargis, at 5 years old and without use of her legs, was determined to go to school. Government schools could not admit her because of her special needs. Nargis’ father turned to Wildlife SOS for assistance. In order to help his daughter, Sameer Khan surrendered his bear to Wildlife SOS and became part of the Kalandar Rehabilitation Program. WSOS’ Rehabilitation Officer worked hard to find a school that could accommodate Nargis’ needs and finally found a small private school that could help Nargis.

Sameer Khan invested part of his $50,000 Rs that he received for surrendering his bear (about $1000 US dollars) in a wheelbarrow and flour grinder to start a new family business. He also applied to WSOS for additional funds as a loan to buy a small van which he rents out on a regular basis to supplement the family income.

Nargis is now able to live her dream of going to school, her father has provided a better life for his family and a bear has been rescued from a cruel life “dancing” in the hot, dry streets of India. A win-win-win situation!!

Please watch this video “The Dancing Bears of India”

And Danny the bear how is he?

Danny lost his childhood and early years trudging the streets of cities exposed to noise, dust and diesel fumes. When rescued by WildlifeSOS, he was tied to a stake with a two foot rope, head bowed and his gaunt frame trembling from high fever. He was five years old and barely weighed 52 kilos. Today, after three years Danny no longer dances or is chained, but is a handsome 120 kilo bear with a full coat. Now 8 years old but he plays in the pond like a youngster, and climbs trees with relish. Please help recue more animals from such cruelty. You can help today.ighed 52 kilos. Today, after three years with us, Danny has become a handsome 120 kilo bear with


Excerpts courtesy of wildlifesos.org/Donation/donationhome.htm

Video courtesy of thelastdance.info

Image courtesy of advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/wp-content


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