“Orangutan-human -Who was your mama?”

Who ‘s genetic tree are you swinging from?

Take a closer look in the mirror?

Comparatively speaking, if we look at the fossil evidence we can find 28 anatomical features that we humans share with the orangutans. traits in common with the organgutans –like including enamel molars, similar hairlines and hair that is hair is typically reddish-brown and shoulder blades, and even the ability to smile with lips closed, Jeffrey H. Schwartz and John Grehan, director of science at the Buffalo Museum, say in the Journal of Biogeography.

Does this orangutan mama look like yours?

Does this orangutan mama look like yours?

Even our skulls and eyebrow bone structure more closely resemble the orangutan’s than the chimp’s or gorilla’s dramatically ridged eyebrows.

Brown or black hair typical of other great apes — compared with two with chimps and 11 with gorillas, Schwartz and Grehan say.

But defenders of the chimp theory produced genome evidence indicating chimps have a more than 98 percent genetic similarity with humans.

This compares with a 97 percent genetic similarity with the gorilla and only 96 similarity with the orangutan genome, they say.

Maybe we need to revisit the DNA testing to find out Who our mama really is.


courtesy of Terradaily.com/Study_Humans_came_from_orangs_not_chimps

Image courtesy of Edn-write.demandstudios.com


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