“Cheetah cubs-can you love one?”

With cheetahs’ very existence so perilous today. You could help at least one of these cute little fellas and gals to live a better life in captivity in Africa.

Why captivity?

Well these little cubs are orphans. Moms were killed and the cubs were rescued. This is good with a catch. Their lives would surely have been over had they stayed in the wild. The fact that these cubs were turned over to Cheetah.org will give them a chance at survival.

They will never be free to roam the African savannahs again, because their moms died before teaching them the tricks of the trade of survival and humans do not do that well as substitute moms.

Will you be my mum/dad today?

Will you be my mum/dad today

They will be able to help educate the youth of Africa as educational ambassadors so their life serves a bridge of understanding to make all of Africa’s wildlife better understood to the local farmers and visitors. So maybe the cubs of the future can grow up free and healthy protected by the farmers and herdsmen because they have learned and respected the place the fastest animal on land has in their biome.

Help keep these beautiful cubs educating and growing up healthy.

For more information from Nature’s Crusaders’ library on cheetahs click.

Save the Cheetah plan to WALK/RUN for the CHEETAH 2010

Help the cheetahs today Cheetah.org. Thank you.

Click here to donate or adopt a cheetah cub.


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