“Funeral for the grey wolves of Idaho”

Legal wolf hunting tags will go on sales across the state of Idaho on 8/24/09. The wolf slaughter will begin across the state.

Gary Sylte has been running Coeur d’Alene River Big Game Outfitters for 30 years. Back in the day Gary says it was rare to see a wolf in the region but now that’s changing (because they have been under federal protection to balance out the prey -predator situation in the region). So now if The motto if you can see them you can shoot them!!!0-WolfMom-02-wall-(1024x768)

“I put cameras up in my designated hunting area just to see what the movement is on my elk (like he owns them). Last year I only had one wolf in the camera, this year we had three or four pictures of wolves,” he said.

After being reintroduced in Idaho in 1995 and 1996 the wolf population has steadily grown to the point that this last May the animals were taken off the federal endangered species list making way for wolf hunting in Idaho.

It will be the first wolf hunt that’s taken place in “modern” ( How does one define shooting threatened animals is? -editor) times in the state of Idaho.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has set a quota on the wolf hunt at 220 this season to include a total of 30 in the North Idaho panhandle.

“If a hunter harvests a wolf they’re required within 24 hours to report that harvest, they need to bring in that pelt within five days for the pelt to be tagged,” Cooper said.

Many are not happy about wolf hunting. Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance has planned several protests in the coming weeks against it. This action is opposed by many environmental groups across the country. Why kill something just for the sake of hunting it?


Excerpts courtesy of KXLY.com/Global/story.asp?S=10952454

Image from Nature’s Crusaders files



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