“Swiss issued death warrant for 3 foreign wolves”

No one knows if the three wolves were too greedy or simply hungry, but what is certain is that by killing more sheep than they should, they have violated Swiss law. These three offending wolves coming from Italy and France, and wardens have now been given 60 days to hunt them down.

No one has explained this infraction of the legal limits to the the wolves. Seems that Swiss law allows predators to kill only 35 animals in four months, while in a month, the quota is 25. Except for protected herds the legal limit is 15.wolvesjp
Animals violating this law can be shot.

As a result of the infringement, the cantonal authorities in Valais and Lucerne in early August gave their permission to hunt down the three guilty wolves. The first was killed on August 20. How do they know which one’s are guilty?

Swiss farmers want the animal eliminated from Swiss soil. So much for the balance of nature. Wolves had disappeared from Swiss territories in the last century but after several appearances since 1995, they seem to have returned more permanently.

There are 12 wolves known to be in Switzerland have not formed into a pack, they may soon do so, the young males are looking for new territories and the first packs will form because there are two females.

Once the first cubs emerge, the wolf could once again become a permanent resident of the Swiss alps.

Better run wolves, some 20 wardens from the two cantons will be trying to shoot you through September.

Environment groups are fighting against the cantons’ decision.

Why not relocate these guilty marauders?


Excerpts courtesy of Terradaily.com/reports/Appetite_spells_three_wolves_doom_in_Switzerland

Image from Nature’s Crusaders files


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