“Saving the earth-saves us”

Maybe it is time to take the blinders off

Everyone needs to pull their own cart here. We leave light s on night and day , ignore the turtles, whales cheetah or bee until their numbers are so low or the pollutes in their body so high that it will take longer than we have to allow them to recover.

Removing predators from the earth, because it causes us economic inconvenience or because we want to hunt or because we have not learned how to live amongst them with respect is no excuse.earth in our hands

Clear cutting our deciduous forests and tropical rain forests for paper products to wipe our bottoms or put in our printer is crazy. These forests and the oceans of the world are the carbon sequestering provided by Mother Nature.

We party, fish and picnic with basket a basket full of plastic “goods” and some escape into the waterways or are carelessly left on the beach only to find their way into the oceans. There is some much decaying plastic from bobbers, fishing lines, plastic bottles, disposable junk food, cosmetic cases, etc that innocent fish and the whales fat cells have absorbed what they could and are now toxic along with the water they live in. Off the western coast of the US the ocean used to be called The mighty Pacific now it is called the Pacific garbage can. We must stop -take the blinders off and reduce, reuse, recycle and eliminate plastic thow aways and find a way to clean up the oceans.

Pesticiding our crops with poisons and spraying our homes with poison is nuts. Who are we really killing?

When will you begin to help before it is too late for man?

Please watch this video


Image courtesy of Google and Magnify.net

Video courtesy of YouTube.com



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