“Japanese dolphin + whale slaughter has ended inTaiji “

Two thumbs up award goes to the Save the Japanese Dolphin Coalition!!

Every year, over 20,000 dolphins and other whale species by the Japanese. The dolphin killing goes on quietly at least until the movie The Cove “ debuted . The movie shows how yearly a quiet picturesque cove on the coast of Japan runs red with the blood of dolphins and small whales.

dolphins born to be wild and free

Dolphins are born to be wild and free

The dolphins hearing is so sensitive that piercing noise hurts and disorients them as they are migrating to their breeding grounds . Then they are herded towards the shore where fishermen club them to death and drag them into their boats.are killed this way, including bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, white-sided dolphins, and false killer whales.

Richard O’Barry of the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition. was in Taiji, Japan with European and Japanese journalists in anticipation of the start of the annual dolphin slaughter on September 1. Each year the clubbing begins on that day, except for this year. With media representatives from all over the world present no dolphin killers (fishermen) were to be seen.

So the killing was delayed a few days, but then it was stopped. The Taiji officials have said some dolphin will be held live for sale to acquariums, but none will be killed outright.

The cove turns bllod red

The cove turns bllod red

In the past, the Japanese government sanctions a few fishermen to slaughter thousands of dolphins and small whales in so-called drive hunts each year.

The cove actually runs red with dolpin blood for days during this slaughter. They justify the killing by saying that the meat is given to school children without charge. The meat is highly toxic due to a significant level of mercury present in the fat of the dolphins and whales. The Japanese people have been kept in the dark about this slaughter and the toxicity issues until this year.

Please view the movie trailer for The Cove click here.

To help save the dolphins and whales of Japan click here or purchase a shirt the proceeds will go to SLD Coalition.

Excerpts courtesy of http://www.takepart.com/blog/2009/09/01/urgent-update-from-taiji-september-1-2009-a-good-day-for-dolphins/
Excerpts courtesy of http://thepetitionsite.com/2/end-dolphin-slaughter-in-japan

Image 1 courtesy of http://www.geishablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/2-dolphins-300×270.jpg

Image 2 courtesy of



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