“Busted by a mosquito”

You may not have any fond memories of these six legged biting, blood sucking creatures, but Finnish police solve a car theft with the help of a hungry female mosquito.

A car was stolen in Lapua, some 380 kilometers (235 miles) north of Helsinki. It was soon found near a railway station in Seinaejoki, about 25 kilometers from where it was stolen.

Female Mosquito after bllod meal

Female Mosquito after bllod meal

A police unit was sent  to  inspect  the car and the police spotted a mosquito engorged with blood resting inside the vehicle. The mosquito along with other evidence was sent to the crime lab for testing. The blood from the mosquito was analyzed and the results came back a perfect DNA match for the man that was being held at the station.

Busted by a mosquito.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/finlandcrimeoffbeat

Image courtesy of  http://www.sciencecentric.com/images/news/mosquito_300_196.jpg


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