“The whirling endangered Bryde’s whale”

The endangered Bryde’s whale  (Balaenoptera edeni) is small as cetaceans go it weighs only 25 tons. Calves are about 4 meters (13 feet) long at birth and weigh 1,000 kg (2200 lbs).

Endangered Bryde's whale

Endangered Bryde's whale

This elusive baleen whale (rorqual)  has three longitudinal ridges on its head, from the tip of the snout back to the blowhole. The other baleens have only a single ridge.

When this whale surfaces a very distinctive curved, pointed dorsal fin can be easily seen. Its flippers are small and slender; but its broad centrally notched tail fluke is never seen above water. They are beauty in motion as they whirl and spin in the water.

Its back is generally dark grey or blue to black, the ventral area a lighter cream, shading to grey- purple on the belly.

Little is known about the endangered Bryde’s whale, but they are distributed widely throughout tropical and subtropical, temperate and even Arctic waters, with a separate, smaller group, a pygmy species found only in the tropical Western Pacific and South-East Asian coastal areas.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryde’s_Whale

Image courtesy of  http://www.sharkwild.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/mg_7147.jpg

Other images of the Bryde’s whales  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/10/brydes-whales/cole-photography

Video of Bryde’s whales feeding  http://www.arkive.org/brydes-whale/balaenoptera-edeni/video-00.html


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