“Dino eggs here there and everywhere in Tamil Nadu”

Dinosaur researchers heaven has been found in Tamil Nadu in southern India. Simply lying in large catches sticking out of the ground sand beds on grazing land are many nests of dinosaur eggs.

These eggs about 5 to 8 inches in diameter dating back 140 million years. These clusters containing eight eggs of spherical eggs of dinosaurs. They were lying in sandy nests of about four feet under volcanic ash from the Deccan eruptions.

Museum specimen dino eggs Museum specimen dino eggs. These are not the Indian fossil eggs.

The eggs, which may be 65 million years old, were from both the Carnosaur, an aggressive, predatory dinosaur, and Sauropods, long-necked herbivores that became extremely large.

How long would it take to hatch a dibnosaur egg if you had a viable egg?

No one knows for certain how long dinosaur eggs needed to incubate. Since birds are derived from dinosaurs the incubation period of dinosaurs can be is strongly correlated and guessed from the bird data. Length of incubation of avian-like dinosaur eggs is often correlated with egg weight. Here is a chart of the estimated incubation times for various the dinosaur egg types known.

You never know what you will find right below your feet if you observe carefully.


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