“Monarch butterflies’ winter pines at center consciousness struggle”

The good news and the questionable news – the Mexican winter Monarchs’ range
In Mexico and US, scientists and people want to protect the winter range in the pine forest for the Monarch butterfly. Bill Toone, executive director and founder of ECOLIFE Foundation and his team of volunteers in Mexico are helping the locals to reforest the dying Mexican pines that are the shelter for the butterflies winter home.

Monarch butterflies resting on Mexican pine tree

Monarch butterflies resting on Mexican pine tree

These pine trees will grow to help replenish some of the thousands of trees that are been cut down. The old forest is being devastated by global warming and greed. The trees in response to the lack of rain are drying out which sets the stage for nature’s tree bark beetles to mine the trees as seen in the picture and use the drying tissue below the bark for homes for their larvae. Drilling holes in the tree accelerates the drying and if forest fire comes helps feed the destruction of the tree. This is part of the natural cycle of forest life.

Mountain Pinebark beetle

Mountain Pinebark beetle

However, the logging industry is often using the natural cycle as an excuse to increase the number of trees they are illegally cutting. Being that the world is short on of traditional woods to build furniture and homes any type of reasoning works to add their bottom line. Their financial gain is short sited.

Other forest specialist want to wipe out the beetles with insecticides before the Monarchs come, but oops this would kill the butterflies as well.

Maybe we need to assist nature through planting more trees and let the natural cycle function. Fire, beetles, drying, are all part of nature-let it be.

Frantically cutting 9,000 trees to kill off a beetle challenge is highly suspect.

The Monarch butterflies can adapt to changing local biology and have existed and thrived long before we began “helping them” by cutting out infected trees.
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