“Saving the Amazonian rainforests is taking to the SKY”

The good news and the challenge for reforesting our rain forests

Our rain forests around the world are being destroyed at a rate of 36 football fields deforested each minute.

The good news:

More individuals and companies around the world are helping save the rainforests and thus save all of us.

Why must we stop the deforestation?

Forests sequester or trap excessive CO2 in the air and reuse it to make oxygen needed to keep us inhaling that vital life enhancing substance and the hold the excess CO2 in the soil. This carbon sequestering helps decrease global warming so life as we have grown to appreciate it continues unabated on the earth. Forests help increase the moisture on th planet and act as the earth’s lungs.

Destruction of Amazon rainforest

Destruction of Amazon rainforest

SkyTV has teamed up with with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Sky TV will be working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) over the next three years in an attempt to save one billion trees in the Amazon region.

The Sky Rainforest Rescue Drive aims to help reforest three million hectares (about 7.41 million acres) area in the region of Acre, Brazil.

“Go world family we can make a difference and make the world better, healthier and safer for all of us. Thank You all “-Mother Nature and Nature’s Crusaders.

Brazil deforestation

Brazil deforestation

Sky TV is creating two films to be shown on Sky One HD during 2010 that will encourage viewers to get involved and to donate to the cause. It takes £10 ( about 15 USD) in order to save five hundred trees. For each tree funded by their viewers, Sky TV will match the donations up to £4 million (6,0028 million USD).

Some of the challenges and the hope

Even though there is no way that the cutting of old growth tress in the Amazon can be totally compensated for with these reforesting projects it will help the planet over time if these trees can mature. According to the WWF, the pace of deforestation “generates around 20 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases.”

Countries that border these great tropical forests around the world are being clearcut to grow biofuel crops and wood products like stationery and toilet paper. The massive eradication of forests for quick financial gain benefits the major companies involved at the expense of the locals and the world health and welfare and must be stopped. An example of one country’s loss is Argentina. Just 30 percent of its original forests is still standing. This pattern is repeated around the world

We can change this. Refuse to buy products from companies involved in forest, ocean and land destruction. We can all be Nature’s Crusaders every time we go to buy a product or service and financial contributions to groups that are working actively to save our rainforests.

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