“The killing field carnage runs red with wolf blood”

Yellow Stone has allowed the killing of their wolves to begin.

Yellowstone National Park’s famous Cottonwood pack. The pack’s adults were all apparently gunned down.

what will happen to the orphaned pups? Without family most likely the abandoned pups will  starve to death.

Open season every for wolf pups

Open season every for wolf pups

Restoring protection for northern Rockies wolves is critical for the balance of  nature in Yellow Stone.

Already, more than 60 wolves have been killed in Idaho and Montana. And hundreds more wolves will be targeted in the coming weeks.

In fact, Idaho’s hunting season in some critical areas extends into the crucial denning season for wolves, which could put denning wolf mothers and their newborn pups at grave risk.

Slaughtering the parent wolves

Slaughtering the parent wolves

Please help stop the senseless wolf killing in Greater Yellowstone  and  the northern Rockies.

It is too late for at least 60 wolves like the one in the picture at the left.

Please click here to help by making a tax-deductible donation today.


Excerpts courtesy of  Secure.defenders.org/site/Donation

Image 1. courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders library

Image 2.  http://episcoveg.weblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/deadwolves.jpg


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