“Meet the mask of the predator or savior of the planet”

We imagine that we are the most intelligent being on the earth. We are the top predator as well as the only beings that can create a healthy earth again.  Will you dedicate your life to being full of life and bringing harmony to our world?

The animals seen in this optical illusion are a mere few of the thousands of animals and plants and the biomes they live in that are endangered or threatened by our unhealthy practices and greedy behavior.

Will you live your life as a predator killing needlessly, trashing the waters and the lands or will you join us in creating a healthier lifestyle and protecting these animals and plants.

Will this seeming optical illusion be seen as our generations death mask image in the world to come or will it be seen as the symbol of hope and the harbinger of peace and symbol of the healthy world we made?

Will the next generations will remember us as the generation that faced the ultimate crisis and solved it?

How many animals do you count in this optical illusion?

Man the ultimate optical illusion

optical illusion


Image courtesy of http://www.newopticalillusions.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/newopticalillusion%20%2839%29.jpg


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