“Yellow dust be gone-thanks to youth groups”

Youth working together creating a better world

It is so easy to complain about a problem, but  Future Forest, in partnership with the All China Youth Federation, are tackling a health problem plaguing the Far East.

These groups will reforest Inner Mongolia’s Kubuqi Desert, 600 kilometres (370 miles) west of Beijing, the world’s seventh largest.

Yellow dust cloud from Gobi

Sharing the earth at the pollutants

Why is this so important?

The trees will decrease the amount of toxic particulates and “Yellow dust” that blows around when there are no trees to trap moisture and convert it into needed oxygen for us to breathe. The Trees also will create top soil and its roots will keep top soil in place. Reforesting can create more places for wildlife to thrive and help decrease China’s carbon footprint.

The “Yellow dust” can cause or exacerbate existing respiratory problems and endanger their lives. The dust contains dioxins and heavy metals like copper, cadmium and lead absorbed into the dust clouds as they travel across the polluted industrial areas of northern China.

Schools in South Korea and Japan close in the wake of the toxic clouds arrival and residents are advised to stay indoors or wear masks when venturing outside. Even when settled and not blowing around,  the dust settles over everything and everybody; cleanup will aggrevate the breathing problems. The “Yellow dust” disrupt the work, outdoor event, plane flight schedules and life in general.

Korea and Japan are bracing for a possible record “Yellow dust” season due to the lack snowfall during the past winter in Mongolia and north-central China due to Global Warming. This  left the sand far looser than in previous years, allowing winds to more easily lift it into the atmosphere.

Who is funding the reforestation?

The Seoul city government will help fund a tree-planting project. It will invest 50 million won (42,000 dollars) in the planting project to purchase and plant some 72,000 poplar and desert willow trees.

Tarim_river desert poplar

Desert poplar


Desert willow

Here is a video showing the intensity of the “Yellow dust”.   Click here

Thanks everyone that is helping reforest the Gobi. You will make the earth a healthier place for us all. -Mother Nature


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Image courtesy of

Video courtesy of Youtube.com


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