“Come gets these cheetahs from my land”

In Namibia, Africa at the Cheetah Conservation Fund recently received another urgent call from a livestock farmer in the area. This might be the animal that has been taking his sheep. He has found an older female cheetah with two cubs, a male and female on his property. CCF went immediately to retrieve the cheetahs.


Rescued cheetah cub gets medical exam

After thanking the farmer for not shooting the mother, but calling CCF, the cheetahs were taken to the Cheetah Conservation Center. The cubs got a clean bill of health, but mama had a broken toe and a broken canine tooth these physical problems were causing her lots of pain and impairing her hunting ability. That is why she was hunting the farmers stock. After an operation on her toe and a visit to the dentist, mama is much better. Hopefully, she will be able to return to the wild with her cubs soon.

Working together with the farmers
Through the tireless efforts of CCF with the community over the past 30 years, this farmer did not just react and shoot the mother cheetah when he first came upon her, but called CCF instead.

Cheetah Conservation Fund has learned through research that if cheetahs prey on livestock as this mother was doing, the cheetahs are disabled in some way either medical or behavioral problem. If CCF can intervene and resolve the problem with immediate medical care the situation can often be reversed, thus reducing the farmers’ losses and providing a way forward for the endangered cheetahs.

CCF continues working with farmers to improve their education of the habits of the cheetah and works hard to find new avenues of support for the local farmers. This two- fold approach increases the chances for the long-term co-existence of man and cheetah in Namibia.

Please run to send your support for CCF. It set the gold standard bar very high for educating the community about the need to respect and saves all animals especially the cheetah from extinction, but has improved the livelihood of the community in which they live.
Please click here to save the extremely endangered cheetah.

If you haven’t already, please help CCF win the BBC World Challenge. Click here for more information.

Please visit www.theworldchallenge.co.uk and choose “No Beating About the Bush”. Voting ends on November 13th!!


Excerpts courtesy of www.cheetah.org

Image courtesy of www.cheetah.org


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